Friday, February 17, 2012

Technology at Home?

Today I survey my students to find out just what technology they do have at home or what technology they lack. I did an informal survey with the kids raising their hands in class, but this document should clarify what they have available to view my video lessons at their own homes.  My guess is that 90% of each class has access to the internet from home via computer, tablet, iPod, etc or --if not internet access -- they will probably have a stand-alone computer.  (I know of one family who has neither access to the internet nor a stand-alone computer.)  When I get the results I will post them here.

So in a flipped classroom, what do you do about those that do not have internet access, but have a stand-alone computer at home? or those with neither the internet nor a computer? Below are possibilities -- some of which I have gleaned from teachers who are currently flipping:
  1. Download video lesson to a flashdrive at school for viewing on their unconnected, stand-alone computer at home.
  2. Allow for viewing of the video lesson before or after school IN the classroom.
  3. Allow for viewing of the video lesson during recess.
  4. Get donations for a few laptops that can be used to download the video lesson at school and then viewed at home.
  5. Get a set of iPod Touches or similar device that can download video content at school and be viewed at home.
Is there anything else that I could do to support those that do not have the benefit of the right technology at home? I would appreciate your suggestions...

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