Monday, April 16, 2012

And the Results Are In: Week 6

Below are the results of the Unit 8 assessment, the first fully flipped unit from beginning to end. The unit focused on basic building blocks of geometry - rays, lines, planes, angles and their relationships to each other. Although I have no historical data to which I can compare the results, the results lead me to believe that the structure of the flipped classroom seems to have a pronounced positive effect on learning. And at the very least -- from even a "glass-half-empty" perspective --  I can conservatively claim that switching to a flipped structure did not adversely affect learning for my students as a whole.  This is GREAT news!

What really stands out is that the  number of students that exceeded standard on past assessments numbered only 15-25% (or 2-5 kids), yet in all three classrooms this ratio increased on this test from 36-53% above grade level! This leads me to believe that students in my flipped classroom who are the middle-of-the-roaders can improve their own understanding as well as those who have in the past just struggled to pass. See my last post where I observed more kids choosing to challenge themselves through selecting the more challenging independent worksheets than when I taught traditionally; this must be the result!

The graphs below show how my three sixth grade classes performed on the Unit 8 assessment. Grades are given on a scale of 1 to 4. 1 denotes significantly below standard; 2 denotes developing toward standard; 3 denotes meeting standard; 4 denotes exceeding standard.

80% met or exceeded standard; 53% exceeded standard.
77% met or exceeded standard; 36% exceeded standard.
78% met or exceeded standard; 39% exceeded standard.

So onward and upward! With routine reflection and tweaking, results on future unit assessments should be as good or better than what we have here!

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